3-8-10 21.5" stickbait sauger3-7-10 Milwaukee Harbor Brown Trout - released3-7-10 Milwaukee Harbor Lake Trout - released3-7-10 Nancy's Harbor Brown Trout - released3-20-10 Night Fishing Hen Walleye - released3-20-10 Night fishing Muskie - released3-21-10 Dells 22-1/2" ringworm walleye3-21-10 Dells Sturgeon3-27-10 Tom Donaldson's 21" ringworm walleye3-27-10 Bret Clark's 21" ringworm walleye3-27-10 Boog's 23-3/4" ringworm walleye3-27-10 Walleye's love ringworms!4-3-10 Nancy's 25" Green Bay walleye4-4-10 Boog's 25.5" Green Bay walleyeA couple walleyes for supper4-24-10 21" crankbait sauger4-24-10 Doug Kuiper with a decent crappie4-24-10 5 males for the pan4-25-10 Darren, Nicole & Tyler share a moment with Darrens 59" Sturgeon4-25-10 Nicole's 22" walleye4-25-10 Nicole with a 28-1/2" pike - released.4-25-10 Tyler holds up a 26 incher prior to release.4-27-10 Gerard Ballweg 21" sauger5-1-10 Cathy Shields5-2-10 Art Green 20-1/4" sauger5-16-10 Bailey Kurth with a legal walleye5-16-10 Darren Vandenberg with another legal walleye5-16-10 Ed Merchant holds up his personal best walleye. 25 inches.5-16-10 Ed Merchant, Bailey Kurth & Darren Vandenberg5-22-10 Gary Rudders 21.5" Sauger5-22-10 Walter Johnson 21.5"  Sauger5-23-10 Neil Wenger 19.5" Sauger5-29-10 Mark Seidler 22 inches6-5-10 Ron Shiro 21.5 inches6-6-10 Sunrise on Lake Wisconsin6-12-10 Tom & Luke Bartels with four keepers from their morningfishing trip6-20-10 Justin Freitag 22.5" walleye6-20-10 Mike Freitag 22" walleye6-20-10 Garrett Edge caught his first ever walleye, 19-7/8"6-20-10 Justin Edge with a 22" walleye6-20-10 Justin & Garret with several nice crank bait crappies7-4-10 Morning catch on Lake Michigan out of Milwaukee7-4-10 Dick Straub holds up a 37", 21lb King Salmon7-4-10 Nephew Tyler Knox with a nice King caught on a flasher/fly7-4-10 Boog with a flasher/fly King Salmon7-4-10 Dick Straub holds up a nice Stealhead7-5-10 Mike Jacobs holds up a pair of King Salmon7-5-10 Boog & nephew Tyler hold up a couple good Kings7-5-10 Tyler's first ever Lake Michigan Brown Trout7-16-10 Morning catch from Lake Michigan, Milwaukee
Dan, Boog & Dennis Ballweg7-16-10 Nephew Dan Ballweg holds up a nice Lake Michigan King Salmon7-24-10 Kevin Key holds up his biggest King, 19.5lbs & 37" long.7-24-10 Another good King falls for a flasher/fly combo8-7-10 Boog's biggest KIng this year, 20lbs & 37" long.8-7-10 Boog's big King fell for an Agua Fly behind a Green Pro Chip flasher.8-7-10 Joel Nelson holds up a nice Lake Trout8-7-10 Pat Howard with a nice King Salmon8-7-10 Pat Howard with a 16lb Lake Trout9-25-10 Ken Driver9-25-10 Justin Fjalstad9-25-10 Justin scores again9-25-10 Ken Driver & Justin Fjalstad hold up four good ones10-2-10 Boog10-9-10 Jude McCarthy10-9-10 Terry McCarthy10-16-10 Brent Tracy10-24-10 Andy Fish11-13-10  Boog with a 27" ringworm walleye11-13-1011-13-10 Darren Schmitt & Barry Mishler with some ringworm crappies11-13-10 Ringworm Walleye11-13-10 Crappies love ringworms!11-21-10 Mike Benthaus11-21-10 Mike Concannon11-22-10 Michael Collins 24 inches11-22-10 Michael Collins 31 inches11-22-10 Hot Ringworm & Moxi colors from the weekend.11-22-10
2010 Fish Photo's
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