1-22-11 Kevin Key with a pair of big crappies1-22-11 Kevin Key with a 14-1/4"crappie2-16-11 Boog 21 inch walleye2-27-11 Boog 22" walleye2-27-11 Boog 23 inches2-27-11 Boog 27.5 inch walleye2-27-11 Night time Pike3-1-11 Boog 22 inches3-1-11 Boog 25" saugeye3-9-11 Boog 23" walleye3-9-11 Boog 29 inch Walleye3-17-11 Dewey Schultz 23.5"  5lb Mississippi walleye3-17-11 Dewey, Miss. Walleye3-17-11 Dewey 23" Miss. Walleye3-19-11 Dewey Schultz 25.5", 6lb Miss. Walleye3-22-11 25" Saugeye, Wis. River3-26-11 Dells smallie3-26-11 Dominic, 17" Dells Smallie3-26-11 Matt Pistorio, 20" Dells Walleye3-26-11 Matt Pistorio, 22" Dells Walleye4-1-11 Wis. River Walleye4-1-11 Wis. River Muskie, (no measurement)4-2-11 John with a nice Dells Walleye4-3-11 Wis. River Dogfish4-3-11 Ringworm Crappie4-3-11 the same Ringworm Crappie4-8-11 Menominee River Walleye4-8-11 Dan Miller, Menominee River Walleye4-9-11 Menominee River Walleye4-9-11 Menominee River Blade Bait Walleye4-9-11 maybe the smallest Menominee River Walleyes we caught.4-9-11 another Menominee River Blade Bait Walleye4-9-11 and another4-9-11 Menominee River Walleye4-9-11 Dan Miller with a Menominee River Blade Bait Walleye4-9-11 another Menominee River Walleye4-9-11 Dan Miller strikes again!4-9-11 Blades were hot on the Menominee River4-29-11 Boog4-29-11 Mike Jacobs, Wisconsin River5-7-11 Pierce Knarr5-7-11 Pete Knarr5-8-11 Boog5-11-11 Art Green, this thing ate a shad rap5-11-11 Art Green, 13" crappie5-11-11 Art Green, 15" white bass5-11-11 Art Green, 13" crappie5-12-11 Mark Cherubini, 14.5" white bass5-15-11 Bryan Ballweg, Lake Melvern, Kansas, 13-1/2" crappie5-14-11 Bryan & Joel with some nice Lake Melvern, Kansas crappies5-15-11 Boog with a nice pari of Lake Melvern crappies5-18-11 Todd Steyer 20-1/2" walleye5-18-11 Todd Steyer 26" walleye5-28-11 Greg Schlough 22.5 inches5-28-11 Jim Schlough 21 inches5-30-11 Eric Fors 21 inches6-4-11 Jacob Tanner 24 inches6-11-11 Grandpa Mike holding little Mikey's first ever keeper walleye6-11-11 Mikey Jacobs - one short of his limit.6-18-11 Boog 21 inches6-12-11 Nancy 21.5 inches6-18-11 John Schmoldt 22 inch sauger6-18-11 Dylan Schulz 26 inches6-18-11 Tyler Anderson6-19-11 Brent Tracy - 26.5" walleye6-19-11 E. Tracy, 21 inches6-25-11 Jim Mathers, 38.5", 16lb Pike6-26-11 Jason Reese with a pair of keeper size walleyes6-26-11 Jason Reese with a pair of nice crappies6-26-11 Jason Reese, 26.5" walleye7-2-11 Nathan Wells, 24 inch walleye7-2-11 Tom Wirth, 21" sauger7-9-11 Kevin Key, 16lb King Salmon7-9-11 Wayne Henn, 14lb King Salmon7-14-11 Bryan Ballweg, Coho Salmon7-14-11 Bryan Ballweg, 14lb King Salmon7-14-11 Dennis Ballweg, 17lb Lake Trout7-14-11 Dennis - Lake Trout7-15-11 Bryan & Dennis Ballweg, 16 & 19lb King Salmon7-15-11 Bryan Ballweg, 11lb Steelhead7-15-11 Boog, 9lb Steelhead8-12-11 Chuck Ballweg with a nice Coho Salmon8-12-11 Dan Ballweg holds up a good Rainbow8-12-11 A good day on Lake Michigan from Milwaukee8-22-11 Kevin Key with a nice 4 yr old King Salmon8-21-11 Wayne Henn holds up a 20lb King Salmon8-21-11 Boog, Kevin & Wayne9-2-11 Kewaunee River Run King Salmon caught from shore9-17-11 Boog9-17-11 Boog, crappie9-17-11 Brian Crawford, crappie9-17-11 Brian Crawford, bluegill9-17-11 Mike Balind9-18-119-18-11 Kevin Newcomer10-8-11 Dewey's Crappie10-8-11 Dewey's Fish Fry10-9-11 Lilly & Mike Connolly with a couple crappies10-9-11 Mike & Lilly's fish fry10-15-11 Angela Vittiritti10-16-11 Boog, John, Bob aboard Greybeards boat10-16-11 Boog, John & Bob10-22-11 Scott Jorgensen10-23-11 Mike Jacobs & Mark J. Pings11-04-11 Bryan Fiene, 25 inches11-04-11 Will Krintz & Bryan Fiene11-12-11 Cliff Watson, 23" sauger11-12-11 Mike Concannon, 23" walleye11-12-11 Mike Concannon & Cliff Watson11-12-11 Boog, 24 inches11-13-11 Boog, 20-1/2" sauger11-13-11 Boog, 23 inches11-13-11 Boog, 24 inches11-13-11 Boog, 25 inches11-13-11 Darren Dykstra, 23 inches11-19-11 20 inch "Half Tail" Channel Catfish11-19-11 Dewey Schultz, 21" walleye11-19-11 Dewey Schultz, 23" walleye11-19-11 Dewey Schultz, 24-1/2" walleye11-19-11 Boog, 41" northern pike11-19-11 Boog, 41" northern pike11-19-11 Boog, 25" walleye11-19-11 Boog, 25-1/2" walleye12-04-11 Jim Apel, 20-1/2" saugerl12-26-11 Boog & Darren
2011 Photo Gallery