2012 Photo Album

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2-19-12 Ice fishing on Lake Waubesa2-23-12 Boog with a 39" muskie caught chasing walleyes at night.3-3-12 43" muskie3-7-12 3-10-12 Boog 21-1/2" walleye3-7-123-10-12 Jeff Wagner 24-1/2:" walleye3-10-12 Jeff Wagner3-10-12 Matt Pistorio3-11-12 Darren's 27 inch walleye3-11-12 Darren 24-1/2 inches3-11-12 20-1/2 inches3-11-12 Darren with a nice smallie3-15-11 Dewey Schultz 24 inches - Miss. river3-16-12 Pulse-R's for lunch!
(its the plastic in this walleyes mouth)3-16-12 Boog with a nice one - Miss. river3-16-12 21" sauger - Miss. river3-16-12 Paul with a nice walleye caught on a chartreuse pepper moxi - Miss. river3-17-12 Dewey with a 20" sauger caught on a Fire-N-Ice ringworm - Miss. river3-17-12 Boog with a 21" sauger caught on a ringworm - Miss. river3-30-12 Wader fishing on the Menominee river3-30-12 Boog, night fishin in waders on the Menominee river3-30-12 another walleye falls for a green core moxi on the Menominee river3-31-12 Michael Collins with a nice walleye caught on the Menominee river3-31-12 Boog - Menominee river3-31-12 Night time release on the Menominee river4-1-12 Michael Collins with another fatty caught on the Menominee river5-5-12 Tyler Anderson, 14" crappie5-13-12 Mike Buttke, 22.5" walleye5-19-12 Garret Morhardt, 17 inch sauger5-19-12 Mike Achterberg & Willy 5-19-12 Mike Achterberg & Willy Duldulao
5-20-12 John Tryner, 20 Inch sauger5-20-12 Greg Vandigo & John Tryner
5-26-12 Bryan, 21.5" walleye,
Coffey County Lake, Kansas5-26-12 Dennis, 14.5" crappie, Coffey County Lake, Kansas5-26-12 Boog, 19.5" walleye, Coffey County Lake, Kansas5-27-12 Bryan & Joel, crappies on Clinton Lake, Kansas6-02-12 Clay Gronen, 14.5" crappie6-02-12 Clay & James Gronen6-03-12 Tom Hendrickson & Tyler Anderson6-09-10 Scott Schulz & Mike Nelson6-9-12 Scott Schulz, 23" walleye6-10-12 Jim & Sue Opp6-10-12 Sue Opp, 21" sauger6-10-12 Sue Opp6-9-12 Todd Steyer, 19" sauger6-16-12 Tom Crawford6-16-12 Tom Crawford & Neal Kendall6-16-12 Victor & Tony Abbate6-17-12 Keith Heider, Mike Harris & Mike Vanderbilt6-17-12 Mike Harris, 22" sauger6-17-12 Mike Concannon6-23-12 Boog with a decent 4yr old King Salmon6-23-12 John Schultz with a decent King6-23-12 Kevin Sime having fun with some nice Kings6-24-12 John Schultz with another big King Salmon6-24-12 Kevin Sime with a 4yr old King6-30-12 Mike gets big King of the day7-01-12 Art's biggest King of the weekend7-01-12 Art Green with a big  early morning King7-01-12 Boog's average King7-01-12 Boog with an average King7-01-12 Boog7-01-12 Mike & Art showing off our limit7-5-12 Dennis & Joel with two nice Kings7-5-12 Dennis with a good Rainbow7-5-12 Dennis, Bryan & Joel7-6-12 Chuck7-6-12 Chuck with a nice King Salmon7-6-12 Paul with a nice pair of big King Salmon7-6-12  Paul's big King7-6-12 Paul, Joel & Chuck8-19-12 Kevin Key, Port Washington8-20-12 Wayne & Kevin, Port Washington8-20-12 A nice mornings catch on Lake Michigan9-02-12 19", 4lb Turtle Flambeau Smallie9-01-12 Turtle Flambeau Smallie9-04-12 Turtle Flambeau Sunrise9-15-12 Boog9-15-12 Nancy Ballweg9-15-12 Boog9-15-12 Boog9-15-12 Boog9-16-12 Kurt & Max Vogel with four nice crappie9-16-12 Max & Kurt Vogel with 10 or the 15 they kept9-29-12 Jim, Jane & Arthur9-29-12 10-06-12 Kim & Ross10-06-12 Boog, 14" crappie10-07-12 Boog10-07-12 Boog, 17-1/2" sauger10-13-12 Bill Danley, 22" walleye10-20-12 Andy Knabe, 14.5" crappie caught on a 3" mini-moxi10-21-12 Boog, 19.75" sauger10-21-12 Jim Stolpa & Tom Olson10-21-12 Tom & Jim10-21-12 Boog & Tom Olson with a double10-28-12 Paul with a nice sauger10-28-1210-28-12 Boog with a nice pair of saugers11-03-12 Roger Schneeberger with a 25" walleye11-03-12 Mike Benthaus holds up a 19-1/2" sauger prior to releasing it back into Lake 
Wisconsin11-03-12 Jeff Jones holds up an eaten size sauger caught on a charrt/green core Moxi11-03-12 chart/green core moxi from  B'Fish'N Tackle was the hot bait this afternoon11-04-12 Sunday scouting mission found lots & lots of white bass11-03-12 Mike Benthaus caught this sauger on a chart/green core moxi11-18-12 Michael Hutter, 22.25" sauger11-18-12 Mike's 22-1/4" sauger11-30-12 Todd Steyer, 22" sauger12-01-12 Dewey Schultz, 20-1/2" walleye12-01-12 Boog, 20-1/2" walleye12-01-12 Dewey Schultz, 27" pike12-01-12 Boog, 20-1/2" walleye12-01-12 Boog & Dewey's catch for the day12-02-12 Mike Concannon, 25" walleyeWeekends hottest baits - Precision Jigs & 3.25" Paddletails from B'Fish'N Tackle12-16-12 Wayne Henn, 20.5" walleye12-16-12 Wayne with another 20.5" walleye