2018 Photo Gallery

Fishing with Clients on Guided Trips!
4-24-18 Quinton with a nice walleye
4-24-18 Quinton scores again!
5-20-18 Noah and Debbie showing off a sauger they caught.
5-26-18 Eric, Bryan and Alex Helt with a nice box of fish
6-2-18 Laurie Binstein with a nice walleye and a great smile!
6-2-18 Jeff Binstein was pretty happy with his walleye as well.
6-2-18 Laurie and Jeff after a great day on Lake Wisconsin.
6-3-18 Jen, Shelley and Deb
6-10-18 Jim Short with a nice one.
6-10-18 Dean Lease
6-16-18 Steve Kubricky
6-16-18 Bill and Steve Kubricky
6-19-18 Fun morning with these kids. Riley, Ethan and Quin.
6-19-18 Another nice box of fish.
9-22-18 Nick and Steve with a nice bunch of September crappies.
9-22-18 Steve
9-22-18 Steve with a 15" crappie cpr'd
9-22-18 Nick with a nice one.
9-23-18 George Becke and his nephew, Justin
10-02-18 Boog
10-02-18 Boog
10-06-18 Deb Smith
10-08-18 wet morning but Deb Smith caught some nice crappies.
10-27-18 Ethan Kuiper
10-27-18 Ethan Kuiper
10-27-18 Ethan and his Dad Patrick finished the morning with a nice mess of fish.
10-27-18 Zane, his sister and family had a good day on Lake Wisconsin.
11-16-18 A nice box of Saugers with Brad Rushlow
11-17-18 Luis and Roy Siller braved a bit of snow for a nice box of saugers.
11-21-18 Chad Pings and his Dad Buck
11-23-18 A couple of fat river saugers.
12-13-18 Dave Hinderliter and Tom Staten.
12-13-18 Dave Hinderliter
12-15-18 Kevin and Ben had a good day on the river.
12-18-18 Boog with some river saugers.

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Fishing with friends and family for fun
1-20-18 Crappies thru the Ice
2-27-18 Night fishing on the Wisconsin river with Brad Carden
3-27-18 Night fishing on the Fox River in Depere
3-27-18 Chuck with a Fox river walleye
3-27-18 Chuck with another good one on the Fox river
3-27-18 Boog, Fox river
3-28-18 Boog, Fox river
3-31-18 Art Green
4-22-18 Boog with Cooper
4-23-18 Boog
4-22-18 Nancy with a nice walleye
4-23-18 Nancy with another nice walleye
4-23-18 Nancy and Cooper taking a break
4-23-18 Boog
7-3-18 Robs 25lb King from Lake Michigan
7-12-18 Brad Carden and Boog on L. Michigan
9-4-18 Boog and Apple with a Sacremento Pike on the San Joaquin river in California
9-5-18 Striper, San Joaquin river with Chuck
11-06-18 Night fishing walleyes on the Wisconsin river
11-06-18 Night fishing on the Wis river
11-15-18 Art Green, Night fishing on the Wis River
11-30-18 Giant Blue Buffalo caught while night fishing on the Wis river
12-22-18 Saugers on the Wisconsin river
12-23-18 Wis river saugers
1-20-19 Ice fishing for crappies